The Plump DJs Plump Up Breaks
by McClain Johnson

The Plump DJs are considered by many to be the U.K.'s best breaks act. Their new artist album, Eargasm, is out now on Finger Lickin'. In this interview, Lee Rouse, "the voice of The Plumps," talks about the evolution of "Creepshow," Stevie Wonder and high school.

plump djs Lunar: What inspired the title "Eargasm?"

Plump DJs: Our trip to Australia 2002/2003

Lunar: Do you have a favorite track off of "Eargasm?"

Plump DJs: We like all of them for different reasons

Lunar: Have you heard American reaction to your material?

Plump DJs: No

Lunar: For those who havenıt heard your work, would you mind describing the Plump DJ's sound?

Plump DJs: Primarily music that makes you dance, tuff drums, fat bass, techno energy, disco flair, roots in hip hop and funk.

Lunar: Do you have a certain method for creating such great breaks tracks?

Plump DJs: Many methods

Lunar: How long did it take you to create "Creepshow?"

Plump DJs: First attempt... 1994/5, second attempt 97, third and final 2002/3. Average 1.5 weeks per attempt.

Lunar: Do you create more tunes on the road or in the studio?

Plump DJs: None on the road. Though events that happen during DJ tours are big triggers.

Lunar: What is the biggest misconception about breaks?

Plump DJs: That they hurt

Lunar: What DJs/artists have influenced you?

Plump DJs: Chemical Brothers (Early Work), Timo Maas, Gary Numan, the creators of hip hop, masters of the funk.

Lunar: Are there any artists that you feel are ruining dance music?

Plump DJs: Are you asking me to slag someone off? There is no wrong or right in dance music or any music, there is just different. I think

plump djs Plump DJs: it is a shame when DJs, promoters, or artistes become too driven by money, though that is the fault of the world that we all are responsible for ruining!

Lunar: Do you have any musical guilty pleasures?

Plump DJs: Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll, etc

Lunar: What made you want to become involved in the breaks scene?

Plump DJs: There wasnıt really a scene when we first got involved!

Lunar: What was your reaction when you first found out you were getting a record deal?

Plump DJs: #####ukinhell!!!!!!!!!

Lunar: Do you have a favorite memory from high school?

Plump DJs: All my memories are of fear and nervous confusion.

Lunar: Whatıs has been your wildest gig?

Plump DJs: Sydney Australia 2003 Field Day NYD 20,000 people goin' off to "The Gate."

Lunar: Do you have a favorite place to perform?

Plump DJs: Fabric Niteclub, Fabric Live

Lunar: What do you miss most about London while being on the road?

Plump DJs: My girlfriend, my family, my friends, my guitar.

Lunar: Whatıs the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention?

Plump DJs: Asked me to sign her tits!

Lunar: Youıve worked with Gary Numan. Are there any other vocalists you want to work with?

Plump DJs: Stevie Wonder

Lunar: What projects are you currently working on?

Plump DJs: A Plump Weekend compilation, new 12"s, "The Soul Vibrates," "Screwball," "Black Jack," "Space Base" and a really f###in hard track weıre makin' at the moment

Lunar: Do you have any advice for aspiring DJs?

Plump DJs: Start your own night and program yourself as the warm up dj. Your name will then grow through association and you will learn about many essential aspects of promoting, djing and understanding people. Start making your own material or find something that you can say is unique about your style. Make sure that you are getting some sort of business education too because you will one day have to pay your taxes like everyone else. Be careful with drugs. A conviction, however small, can prevent you from traveling to some of the most amazing places in the world, and cost you a lot of money. Be nice to people and donıt get too big for your boots; you're only playing records!

Eargasm is out now on Finger Lickin. For more info on the Plump DJs check out their website:

Plump DJs - Eargasm

Track Listing:

  1. Creepshow
  2. Weighed Down
  3. Funk Hits the Fan - Eddie Bo
  4. In Stereo
  5. Gate
  6. Morning Sun - Louis Charles Robinson
  7. Mantra
  8. Pray for You
  9. Something Goin' On
  10. Contact Double Zero
  11. How Much Is Enough
  12. Cry Wolf
  13. Tilt

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