No Kidding Around: An Interview with Kidology Records Head Mark Wilkinson
by McClain Johnson

Mark Wilkinson is a member of the production/DJ group, Dab Hands, as well as the head of Kidology Records. Dab Hands' remix of Lou Reed's "Satellite of Love" is one of the best mixes of 2004. Their latest release is a mix of Dido's "Sand in My Shoes," which is out now on Arista Records. Mark recently discussed Justin Timberlake, the worst trend in dance music, and Saturday nights.

Lunar: Dab Hands first began in January of 2004. Were you surprised by how quickly you've achieved success?

Mark Wilkinson: Not really. We've all been working in our scene making records, running parties and DJing for a few years now, so it all makes sense.

Lunar: Did you have a method for creating your mix of "Satellite of Love?"

Mark Wilkinson: Again not really. It was just one of those happy moments in the studio when everything goes right!

Lunar: Who was the first person you played the record for, and what was their reaction?

mark wilkinson photo courtesy of kidology records Mark Wilkinson: Jamie Topham @ BMG, he couldn't stop smiling.

Lunar: Have you heard reactions to the track outside of the U.K.?

Mark Wilkinson: It seems to be universally liked, which makes us all feel good.

Lunar: Did you know that the track was going to be so big?

Mark Wilkinson: I knew it was a winner while we were making it; I can't say I knew everyone was going to like it as much as I did.

Lunar: What new projects are you working on?

Mark Wilkinson: We've got a lot of new things lined up, so keep checking for details.

Lunar: Do you each of you have a favorite DJ?

Mark Wilkinson: I can't speak for the others but CJ Mackintosh is the man who works the dancefloor best for me.

Lunar: What was the first concert you went to?

Mark Wilkinson: I think it was the Fatback Band @ Hammersmith Odeon in 1986!

Lunar: What dance tunes do you wish you would have created?

Mark Wilkinson: Mass Syndicate featuring Su Su Bobien - "You Don't Know" and ATFC - "Bad Habit."

Lunar: What's the worst trend in dance music?

Mark Wilkinson: There's been a few! I don't want to alienate any particular scene, but what I would say is 'some bandwagons ain't for jumping!'

Lunar: What artist would you love to remix?

Mark Wilkinson: Justin Timberlake. I was a big fan of his last album.

Lunar: Have you met any of the artists you have remixed?

Mark Wilkinson: I don't think so. We're too busy!!!

Lunar: What are your hobbies outside of music?

photo courtesy of kidology records Mark Wilkinson: The gym, films, books and Chelsea Football Club

Lunar: What are the biggest perks of being in the music industry?

Mark Wilkinson: Never feeling that dread at having to go to work and see normal people. We please ourselves and have a lot of fun.

Lunar: What's been your craziest night out?

Mark Wilkinson: Ibiza and Miami are 2 great places for mad ones; mind you last Saturday was as well (might as well repeat every week!)

Lunar: Do you have a favorite city to perform in?

Mark Wilkinson: I'd have to say London, wouldn't I!

Lunar: What's the biggest misconception about living in Great Britain?

Mark Wilkinson: That it's Great :-)

Lunar: Do you have a dream gig?

Mark Wilkinson: I enjoy all my gigs, but I'd like to get my Kidology nights into a really big venue in London.

Lunar: Do you have any advice to people wanting to become involved in dance music?

Mark Wilkinson: Get involved, go out and meet people. Connections are very important

Lunar: Do you have anything else you would like to add or comment on?

Mark Wilkinson: Life is very good right now, long may it continue.


Dido - Sand In My Shoes

Track Listing:

  1. Radio Edit
  2. Dab Hands Re Touch Mix
  3. Dab Hands Balearic Injection Mix
  4. Beginerz Vocal Mix
  5. Steve Lawler's We Love Ibiza Mix

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