An Interview with Danny Howells
by Brett Abramson
photos by Julie Cash

Danny Howells at Crescent Room The buzz surrounding Danny Howells right now is at an all-time high. His name has become synonymous with integrity, innovation and talent that few other DJs in the world can match. What separates him from the myriad of others is his ability to adapt and push new sounds forward, rather than sticking to a safe and standard formula After a rocking set at the Crescent Room in Atlanta on July 10th, 2003, I had a chance to sit down with Danny and ask him about new projects, jet setting, and trulletts.

As a symbol of Howells' step forward as an artist, his newest Global Underground series, 24:7, represents the wide range of genres that fans have come to expect. "24:7 is a better representation of me and all the different styles I play," Danny explains. "I am at a point now where I can play what I feel and find a balance between experimental music and dancefloor friendly stuff. It's interesting, because the first disc has had the best response so far, even though it is slower and more out there. So that is cool to see. Nubreed was more of an attempt to play what I thought people wanted to hear."

Danny Howells at Crescent Room If you take a glance at Howells' unrelenting schedule for the 24:7 Tour, the inevitable question that comes to mind is, "How the hell can he do that?" Most weeks have five or six gigs that range from the United States to the Far East with no respite. Danny explains, "It can be very draining to play so many nights in a row and get so little sleep. But fortunately they have set this tour up really well, so that I have time to rest in between cities. I can be really exhausted, but once I get to the club and feel the energy of the crowd, I forget about it. Like last night, for example, the crowd was just electric. People thought I was really drunk, but I was just excited and having a good time." Danny Howells at Crescent Room

Finally, I had to find out what the deal was with the Flock of Seagulls-esque hair style he had been sporting. The man deserves respect just for having the cajones to rock a plastered down Mohawk with curly-q wings flying in the back. "So what is the name of your haircut?" I asked. "The trullett!" he replied, laughing. "It's three hair styles in one, but it's based around a mullet. I've got to remember that one!"

Instead of ending the article by tying together a contrived comparison between the eclectic styles of Howells' hair and music, I will simply say this: go out and hear Danny Howells in person on the 24:7 Tour, or at the very least buy the new compilation. Deemed as a biographical representation of the DJ's varied interests and styles, inside and outside of the club, 24:7 will satisfy any open minded listener with Howells' musical self-expression.


24:7 - Danny Howells
24:7 from Track Listing:

  1. Starshine
  2. Desert Storm
  3. It Rough (Chicken Lips Trax Dub)
  4. Invisible Things (Mescalito's Mix)
  5. Promesse De Bonheur
  6. Cruising
  7. Noir
  8. Eletricite De Nuit
  9. Sound In A Dark Room
  10. Fast Lane (Fink Remix)
  11. Sound Of Today
  12. Price
  13. Release Your Body
  14. You Can't Go Home Again
  15. An Ordinary Day
  16. Into Africa
  17. Love It Remix It (Fred Everything Remix)
  18. Harijan
  19. Bubbles
  20. Keep It Real
  21. Do It Like A Robot (Acapella)
  22. Shibuya
  23. Rush
  24. Silent Bass
  25. Emergon
  26. Hold You (Agoria 'Bear' Remix)
  27. Apertures
  28. Sambu

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